Patient Education and Advancement

Getting you healthier by aligning your spine.

01 Chiropractic and Optimizing your Spine - Dr. Robert Feier 4:17

03 A Brief History of Chiropractic  

Dr. Gohl   2:50

02 Introduction to Chiropractic

Dr. Dean Depice  3:37


Bienvenidos a la Chiropractic  4:41


Welcome to Chiropractic  4:41


12 Maintaining Your Spine

Dr. Nikitow  1:49

ALL NATURAL Personal Health Care System based on Results

                    So simple… So effective… it’s Doctor GoodBack!

Look for the RED

All media outlined in RED are specific to the Spinal Correction Programs offered in our office. 

07 Your Feet

Dr. Robert Feier   3:07

15 There Once was a Town Called Allopath 


08 CNS - Central Nervous System

Dr. Robert Feier  4:15

09 Damage to the Spinal Cord

Dr. Robert Feier  8:39

16 Drugs, Kids, Drugs

Clip taken from the documentary “Doctored” Jeff Hayes Films, 2012  8:09

13 Denneroll Cervical Wedge

Dr. Deed Harrison   9:55


11 The Patient Journey

Dr. Robert Feier   3:02

14 Denneroll Improvement shown

     with DMX   :49

04 Chiropractic For Beginners

Animation - 4:41

Introduction to Chiropractic

Report of Findings



Chiropractic Care

10 Vionic Sandals and Boots 5:21